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Who we are
Who We Are

The TLC Team

The Truly Loving Company
The Truly Loving Company is a social enterprise that uses a corporate profit model to build a brand to generate long term, sustainable income for charities. The “TLC” brand produces mainly household products that are as good if not better than many of the major brands you can name. These include:

  • kitchen cleaners
  • floor cleaners
  • bathroom cleaners
  • fabric care
We don't test on animals nor do we compromise on product standards.

What also sets us apart is that 100% of TLC's dividends are given to charity. While there are many socially responsible Malaysian companies that support charities by donating a certain percentage of their income or profits to charitable causes, TLC gives 100% of its dividends to charity.
100% to charity? What's the catch?

We’d be lying if we said there was no catch.

But before that, let us tell you a bit more about TLC.

To be true to our cause, 99.99% of our shares are held by PB Trustee Services Bhd in trust for charities under a Trust Deed signed between PB Trustee Services Bhd and The Truly Loving Company.   It’s a foolproof and legal way to back up what we say.   As you can see from the chart below, all our dividends go directly to our Charity Partners.

Any profits we make are paid as dividends to our stockholders. And who are our majority stockholders?  Our various Charity Partners of which you can see a full and descriptive list here.

For a full and transparent account of our finances, please click here.

So, here's the catch. WE NEED YOU.

We really need your support. Try our brand the next time you go grocery shopping. We’re available in most major supermarkets, small to medium grocery shops.

Give our brand a shot the next time you are shopping for household cleaning products.

And if you can't find TLC products at a supermarket near you, do something about it! Demand we stock TLC products near you. Just click here to do so!