The Truly Loving Company - FMCG Social Enterprise Engages with NGOs and Children to Empower & Inspire a Greener Future

(Pictured above: The Truly Loving Company (TLC) and The Free Tree Society (FTS) planting a sapling at the Shelter Home for Children)

(Pictured above: The Truly Loving Company (TLC) and The Free Tree Society (FTS) planting a sapling at the Shelter Home for Children)

The Truly Loving Company (TLC) Malaysia, a social enterprise that focuses on eco-friendly household cleaning products, partnered with Free Tree Society, a non-governmental environmental organization in hosting a workshop for five of its beneficiaries with an aim of inspiring everyone to care for the community and for the environment.

The participating beneficiaries were the Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children Association of JB, the National Stroke Association of Malaysia, Rumah Aman, Shelter Home for Children and Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation – National Centre. The workshop sessions were also attended by students from elc International School. 

This initiative comes after TLC sponsored the Kelak Gelak Fund, a programme by Free Tree Society to provide fruiting trees and edible plants for orphanages and children’s shelters. With the support of TLC’s donation, multiple fruit trees and plants were planted at each of TLC’s beneficiary compounds.

“Every year, Free Tree Society distributes thousands of free plants and educational workshops to members of the public, young children, and corporate groups. Since 2012, we have given away over 52,000 plants as part of our commitment to creating a greener world,” said Carolyn Lau, President of Free Tree Society.

Elaborating on the theme, Carolyn Lau added, “Kelak Gelak is a Malay phrase that brings about the meaning ‘to laugh later’. The message that this campaign carries is for children to embrace the experience of planting the trees now and reaping the rewards of a bountiful harvest later”.

(Pictured above: Plant Care and Composting Workshops were conducted by Free Tree Society (FTS)

The children-focused empowerment and education event saw the attendees being given the opportunity to participate in interactive planting and composting workshops. The workshops introduced attendees to the basics of planting, watering techniques, as well as the process and benefits of composting. On top of that, the beneficiaries also received a sizable donation of RM10,000 each to further support their mission in serving the community.

Julia Chong, Founder and CEO of TLC, emphasised the importance of promoting a sustainable future. "As we work towards a greener future, we must remember that our children deserve a world that is sustainable and healthy. That's why we collaborated with Free Tree Society to provide these fruit trees to orphanages and children's centres, which not only helps build a sustainable environment but also teaches the younger generation to appreciate and care for the green spaces around them. This may be a small step, but every step towards a greener future is a step worth taking,” she said.

TLC's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has been a long-standing focus of the company's vision and mission. In addition to the "Green" range of products made from plant-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients, TLC has taken it a step further by introducing Malaysia's first TLC Green Refill vending machine, located in Village Grocer, 1Mont Kiara. This latest CSR initiative demonstrates TLC's unwavering dedication to building a greener future

We do not want this to be a one-off initiative and hope to do more for the community. We hope that our efforts will allow everyone to dream and be hopeful for a brighter future,” added Julia.

Since its incorporation, TLC has successfully raised almost RM 2 million to support 41 charities. Moving forward, TLC aims to continue developing CSR initiatives that drive positive change for the environment and the community. The company remains committed to building a sustainable future and inspiring others to join in this important mission.

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